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Hi Azeem! 
How are you? I was at the Scotiabankers Association meeting and was fortunate to hear you address the group.

Azeem, I was so touched by what you had to say! You definitely are not a person with a disability. You are a person with ability and courage and determination and perseverance! You are also a person who can teach the rest of us a valuable lesson about life and the things that we take for granted

I was listening to you mesmerized, feeling overwhelmed for all the hardships that you have suffered in your young life and at the same time, feeling proud , as if I were your Mom, for the wonderful person you have become and for the precious gift you are able to share with others.

Azeem you are very special. I felt honoured to hear you speak and I thank you for reminding me what life is all about and what our purpose, as Human Beings, is on this earth.

I will pray that God keeps you and your family healthy and happy. I will pray that He will give you strength to continue with the excellent work that you are doing, inspiring ‘able people’ to see their disabilities. Thank you for the lesson, my dear young Friend. May God bless you.

With fond wishes,

Georgia Geropoulos

Good Morning Azeem!!

I sat in the audience last night at Blessed Trinity in awe as I listened to you and your mother describe your incredible journey of life. I cannot tell you how this affected me. I left the school last night with a whole new direction in which I want to take my life in regards to my children/family.

I just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you. Hearing about all the “mountains” you and your family have had to climb made any of the problems faced by me in my very ordinary life seem like tiny little “mole hills”! You have a wonderful family and I hope God will continue to walk with you with his hand upon your shoulder.

Thank you again Azeem, you are an incredible man who was put here to teach.

God Bless.

Laural Gervasi (Parent)

Hello Azeem;

My name is Rhonda Shlanger, and I am a Child and Youth Worker at Ventura Park Public School. I initially introduced myself to you before your presentation. I work in the Language class for grades 5, 7, and 8. During your amazing talk, I had to teach the language class for the grade 5’s and could not come into the gym. However, I did have the absolute honor of hearing you at the Hotel during the conference for all the Support staff of York Region. Wow! You are very special!!!


You were the hit of the day!! Everyone who filled out an evaluation sheet raved about your presentation. Thank you for making our first ever EA PD Conference such a hit. I have a list of folks who wanted to buy your book after their session. How would you like me to proceed with this list?

Thanks again,


Hi Azeem:

My name is Debbie Hogan and I’m writing to you on behalf of my son and myself. This week you made a presentation at E.T. Crowle Public School in Markham that my son, Ryan Hogan, who is a Grade 8 student at the school, had the pleasure of attending.

Following your presentation that day, I drove some of the boys from Grade 8 to a volleyball tournament. I think you should know that the entire way to the tournament the boys could not stop talking about you and your achievements. I have never heard my son so touched by a presentation. All of the boys thought you were “the neatest guy”, and they told me about the difficulties you have overcome and the achievements you have made.

Ryan wanted me to let you know how much he enjoyed your presentation, and how it has inspired him to work hard to achieve his goals. He is totally fascinated by you and what you have achieved.

Azeem, you should be proud of yourself and the role model you are to these students. Ryan would love to hear from you. You can reach him through my e-mail address and I’ll print it off for him.

Good luck, and continue to inspire others.


Hi Azeem!

Your presentation was VERY moving and inspirational. There were many conversations in classrooms after you finished. I will certainly forward to you any reflections or written responses. Thank you so very much for sharing your stories with us … all of the children you will speak to will be affected. Even I now see that there is no excuse for me not to succeed. You’ve also made me aware of the “power” I have as a teacher … I must use it so wisely. Thank you.

All the best to you, you’re an amazing individual.

Happy Holidays!


We’re All The Same!

To a very unique man, Azeem
From a very thankful girl, Ayda.
You are no different.

Dear Azeem,

I learned a lot from your marvelous speech. As soon as Ms. Scott had introduced you I thought the assembly was going to be boring. You started the speech when I saw children moving up and straining their ears. I was definitely very touched when you had finished. I saw many people even crying. We have a class in our school that autistic kids attend and I’m sure that I didn’t treat them very nicely. Now every time I see them I help them and afterwards thank God for what I have. I definitely did not imagine that you had some brain damage. Infact, nobody imagined that. I thought about your speech that day, and every other day till now. I wish that you keep this letter for years to come. In God’s eye everybody’s the same, you and I are the same. If anybody had, did, or will call you a name you do not appreciate. Think that you are the most unique man to ever live along with other wonderful people like you.


Sincerely Yours,



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